• Aleksandra Chumak

BRIDGERTON from the FC prospective

I see an opportunity for the Family Constellation everywhere. I saw it in this new colorful, bright, romantic Netflix series.

One of the main characters, the Duke of Hastings, swore to his tyrannical father to stop the bloodline of Hastings (to never marry and father a child). Then he falls in love with Daphne, ‘the diamond of the season’, but he stays true to his vow and breaks his own heart and the heart of the young lady who is also involved with him.

How strong is his hatred, that it has enough power to ruin two young lives, deny love and kill the bloodline? Of course, the father was a tyrant and he might not deserve any love or forgiveness from his son. However, young Simon makes a pretty common mistake - he looks at his father and doesn’t see any other ancestors behind him. How many bible and kind people are standing behind his shoulders generations and generations ago? Do they also deserve such a punishment? Simon’s mother died giving him birth. Did she die to leave her some to live a lonely and miserable life? Trying to punish his dead father Simon is hurting himself the most, choosing the life of loneliness and sacrifice.

This is a reminder for all of us. Your bloodline is much more than just your parents. If you cannot forgive a parent - look behind his/her shoulders and see how many different people there are, and how many of them are just like you.