• Aleksandra Chumak

Between Magic and Official Science

I've heard some people call Family Constellations a magic, others are calling souls to the field, some see it as a therapy or philosophy, or even the opportunity to fix the past or travel to past life.

I've heard also a lot of criticism towards Constellations because it's beyond official scientific paradigm or they call it a "cheating" because you can be healed without using your logic and analyzes.

I'll tell you all of these arguments smell like "holly wars". Why do we always need to label things if not for beating each other? We need to be sure that our way of life is the only explainable and reasonable. Since when the official science is the only trustful source of healing? Few hundred years ago this very science considered the Earth a flat disc and female orgasm a pathology not so far ago. If you knew that only 36% of scientific experiments are replicable (which is a fact) would you trust the official science as much?

There is always a place for experiment. There is always a place for feelings, creativity, emotions, intuition etc that still brings value to our life and doesn't have to be logical. Cats are great healers after all. Who would tell you to get rid of the cat because he doesn't use official science to heal?

Anyway back to labels. Self-identification is a foundation of our personality. When we call ourselves shamans, or yogi, or body-positive, or vegans, or hipsters, agnostics etc. we agree to limit our selves to those boxes. Then those who are out of boxes are enemies in one or another way. Because acknowledging "they" are right is dangerous. It may mean "we" are wrong.

But does it have to be so?

On my opinion we should label less and see what is working, what feels good. Because most of labels are created by someone else and not for us. What is truly ours - knowledges based on our experience. The rest we are just being told about.

Therefore when we are on a path to a harmony and healing whatever IS working is good.

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