Family Constellations

Transformation starts in a session



The explicit advantage of the FC therapy is that is brief and effective. Typically the problem is resolved completely or notably shifted within one session. Each constellation addresses one problem or question. Often, missing details that are essential to healing come up in the FC process – details that cannot be revealed otherwise or might take years of therapy. These missing pieces are on a deeper often unconscious level, and creating so called "blind spots" . 

After 1 hour session you will:

  • Feel clear about your situation

  • Move from the "paralysis" to freedom

  • Experience emotional relieve

  • Start the transformation that will foster positive life changes


We use this powerful experiential approach to look into how intergenerational influences shape today's situations and behaviors.

Suzi Tucker


Is it for you?

  • If you feel stuck in life and don’t know where or how to move

  • If you are going through a difficult life transition such as divorce and want to resolve emotional charges

  • If you are experiencing strained relationships with family members or partners

  • If you are overwhelmed by guilt or grief 

  • If you are having difficulty finding a life partner

  • If you have business or organizational issues

  • If addiction is a problem

  • If you want to better understand how the obstacles of the past can block the future 

Sessions are available in English and Russian languages. Contact me to find out more



Calm Sea

Individual in-person constellations

We will  meet in  person

Sessions are available in English and Russian languages

Dandelion Parachute Seed

Individual Online Constellation

Find your solution from any point of the world by using a video call

The price of the Individual Constellation is $150. Contact me to order a session.



The first time after a while I fall asleep at 12 am instead of 6 am.  I am not drinking alcohol for a week  and dating a guy  which... I guess it's the best thing that happened to me within few years.

Amanda, 28

I feel much better. Lighter. Getting ready to move to another country. I went to my parents house and it was unbelievable. Everyone was so happy and caring. Usually they are like crazy over-emotional couple

Terry, 43

It is a phenomenal method. It put a light on my shadows and I have realized more for one hour than within 5 years in yoga.

Anna, 36



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